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Catalyzing modernization of state government services through people, processes and technology to help Hawaii thrive.

About Transform Hawaii Government

Transform Hawaii Government (THG) was established in 2011 to cultivate support and momentum for continuous government transformation and information technology (IT) across changing administrations. Over the past decade, we have communicated the importance of an IT-enabled government that is efficient, responsive, transparent and equitable.

Our vision of a delivery-driven government enabling people, community and businesses to thrive is funded by the Omidyar Ohana and Technology Transformation Funds administered by the Hawaii Community Foundation. We work to facilitate understanding of challenges within systems and provide early capital for key initiatives amplifying and accelerating the delivery of improved government services. Ultimately, we identify and remove obstacles hindering progress.

Some of our notable work includes providing support for a baseline assessment of the state’s IT systems in 2011, developing the state’s two IT Strategic Plans in 2012 and 2019, funding the hiring of the state’s first full-time chief information officer, and providing funding and in-kind resources for demonstration projects supporting government workforce development and infrastructure improvements.

Our THG coalition network, comprised of more than 600 citizens, advocates for improving government business practices through technology to ensure convenient and secure access to reliable information and data on demand. This is critical for everyone in the public and private sector depending on it. Our success metrics include cultivating government services that are streamlined and integrated in ways exceeding public expectations and fully meeting the needs of Hawaii’s businesses.

Today, we continue to ADVOCATE, EDUCATE, FACILITATE and INNOVATE to move Hawaii forward toward a more resilient digital economy.

Empowered Citizenship

An informed and engaged public supported by a responsive government, working together to improve the quality of life for Hawai‘i and its people.


Making informed decisions for better outcomes, increasing the quality of life for Hawai‘i’s people.

Information Creation

State employees are empowered and data is organized into information and used to meet business objectives.

Data Aggregation and Analysis

Data is gathered and integrated from various state departments and services: Tax System Modernization and Payroll Processing.

Core IT Infrastructure and Business Processes

Hardware; Software; Cybersecurity; Privacy; Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Policy
  • Funding
  • Commitment

Vision and Mission


A delivery-driven government enabling people, communities and businesses to thrive.


Catalyzing modernization of state government services through people, processes and technology to help Hawaii thrive.

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Leadership Committee

Joy Barua (President and COO at Finance Insurance Ltd.), Lisa Maruyama (President and CEO at Hawaii Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations), Lisa Wong (VP Human Resources at Finance Factors, Ltd.), Ryan Field (Executive Vice President at Bank of Hawaii), Burt Lum (Strategy Officer for the Hawaii Broadband Initiative), and Michael Robinson (VP Government Relations & Community Affairs at Hawaii Pacific Health)

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Since 2011, the Transform Hawaii Government (THG) coalition has been an advocate of positive transformative change of state services resulting in a more accessible, transparent and equitable government for Hawaii’s people.

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THG engages the public and private sectors in the transformation process to realize positive outcomes for the greater community.

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Keep current with the latest information related to information technology modernization efforts taking place in our state government through our electronic Digital Dialogue newsletter and Digital Talk Story series.

Knowledge is power and data, when made publicly available, is a fundamental tool that can spark innovation and entrepreneurial development, foster collaboration between government and the community, and ultimately create better services for citizens.

Burt Lum,
Hawaii Broadband Initiative