Electronic signature capability continues to catch on

Oct 2, 2018

By Transform Hawaii Government

Three years ago, the Governor’s Office and the Office of Enterprise Technology Services launched eSign Service, leveraging an Adobe enterprise agreement that provided an electronic document signing solution for Hawaii state government agencies.

The Governor’s Office piloted the program, requiring departments to submit documents for the governor’s signature using an electronic routing form template.

To-date, there have been a total of 424,191 electronic transactions. But more importantly than the total, adoption has increased to an average of 22,898 transactions per month, and the average time to sign documents has improved to 259.4 minutes (it used to be days).

eSign Services continues to be a success story. By centralizing the Adobe contract, ETS reduced the state executive branch’s Adobe Acrobat Pro software expenditures by $1.5 million. In addition, the Adobe enterprise agreement not only powering the electronic service solution, but also promoting greater web accessibility by making the latest version of Adobe Acrobat available to state employees, and encouraging creative and collaborative work by making the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications available to personnel.

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