Vision and Mission

Our vision for Hawaii is a delivery-driven government enabling people, communities and businesses to thrive. Our mission is to catalyze modernization of state government services through people, processes and technology to help Hawaii thrive.

What we do

Transform Hawaii Government as an organization goes back to the Omidyar Ohana and Technology Transformation Funds administered by the Hawaii Community Foundation.

Beginning in 2011, more than $8 million was provided to support a baseline assessment of the state’s information technology systems, as well as develop a proposed IT transformation plan, hire the state’s first fulltime chief information officer, and partner on demonstration projects. Since then, $1 million more was provided for sustained communications and advocacy through our community coalition network of citizens to build public support, help shape the outcome, and hold the government accountable.

Advocate, Educate, Innovate, Facilitate


Promote government accessibility, transparency and responsiveness


Communicate benefits and urgency to state employees, businesses and citizens


Forge new resources for leaders and workforce to make informed decisions


Lead by building and focusing consensus toward transformation

In 2016, we formalized as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and continue to advocate, educate, facilitate and innovate. We advocate by promoting government accessibility, transparency, and responsiveness; educate by communicating the benefits and urgency to state employees, business and citizens; facilitate by leading through building and focusing consensus toward transformation; and innovate by forging new resources for leaders and workforce to make informed decisions.

Why transform government

We recognize the substantial potential benefits of the State of Hawaii’s effort to improve the way it provides services to citizens and stand committed to supporting the business and IT transformation over the long term.

Transform Hawaii Government was formed after community leaders came together in May 2012 to formally lend their support. A modern IT system would significantly improve how the state manages its $14.4 billion annual budget, creating benefits for everyone.

This benefits government leaders and employees by improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness and ensuring they have access to reliable information and data to make informed decisions. It benefits the public by ensuring government services are streamlined, integrated and delivered in ways that exceed the expectations of citizens and the needs of Hawaii’s businesses.

Empowered Citizenship

An informed and engaged public supported by a responsive government, working together to improve the quality of life for Hawai‘i and its people.


Making informed decisions for better outcomes, increasing the quality of life for Hawai‘i’s people.

Information Creation

State employees are empowered and data is organized into information and used to meet business objectives.

Data Aggregation and Analysis

Data is gathered and integrated from various state departments and services: Tax System Modernization and Payroll Processing.

Core IT Infrastructure and Business Processes

Hardware; Software; Cybersecurity; Privacy; Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Policy
  • Funding
  • Commitment