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Modernize Hawaii’s tax system operations to meet the rising expectations of today’s taxpayers.

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Another ambitious state project, Tax System Modernization is proceeding steadily. At the end of March 2018, the Hawaii Department of Taxation transitioned business tax filing from the state’s legacy site to the new tax-filing portal, Hawaii Tax Online.

Over the course of five rollouts, each making new functions available, the majority of tax services have been migrated to the new portal. “Rollout 3” was completed in summer 2017 and included services for Corporate Income, Franchise, Public Service Company and Withholding filers. This followed the previous two rollouts that included General Excise, Transient Accommodation and other types of taxes.

“Rollout 4” of the $60 million project launched in early November. Capabilities from the modernized system will allow the Department of Taxation to better serve individual filers including cash-only businesses as well as individuals offering vacation rentals.

The project will continue thanks to the 2018 Legislature’s approval of $16.5 million in capital improvement project funds to cover the completion of the functional requirements scheduled for next fiscal year (FY19) as well as the warranty period (FY20).

The final phase of the project, Rollout 5 is anticipated to launch in July 2019 and applies to smaller tax categories.


Key Dates


Rollout 5

Retail tobacco permit, fuel, liquor, cigarette and tobacco, and liquid fuel retail dealer


Rollout 4

Individual income, partnership, fiduciary, estate and transfer


Rollout 3

Corporate income, franchise, public service company, withholding


Rollout 2

General excise, transient accommodation, use only, sellers collection, rental motor vehicle, county surcharge


Rollout 1

Imaging hardware, MeF, IVR

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